Denied Mickey attempts Poetry

I told little Mickey to write Me a poem the other night, give him something other than his little cock to focus on, and I’d like to know what you all think!

Obviously, it’s super pathetic (when isn’t he?) but also slightly cute too. Here goes…


From the day I saw her on Twitter
I knew my soul was hers forever.

My life, my wants, my needs
Are all forgotten once I’m at her feet, on my knees.

Frustration, desperation and utter humiliation
Is what I crave just to grab her attention

Draining my wallet pound by pound
She has it all until I’m so desperate I can barely make a sound

The best thing about this despite all this inner strife?
Mistress Elle has control, this is my new life.
Denied Mickey <3  29/07/2014


Hahaha hope you enjoy!



Daddy Issues & Me.

BqlR8VKCcAEWMDvIt seems to be a common misconception that female & male Dominants are damaged goods. That they had really shitty childhoods, and that’s why they want to “take it out” on other people. I actually have had quite a bit of experience of narrow-minded people thinking, and even going so far as to accuse Me of having “daddy issues”.

I make absolutely no secret of the fact that My father was, and still is an asshole. But I was so young when I cut ties with him, that he & his vitriol, violence & alcohol addiction never bothered or affected Me. In fact, I had a rather fantastic childhood, all thanks to My beautiful late Mother, and I never wanted, nor needed him in My life. My Grandfather took on the father figure role, so I never went without. I have no bitterness towards him, because that would mean I have to care enough about him in the first place. I just pity him for not realising how wonderful all 7 of his children are.

The whole “daddy issues” thing makes me laugh so hard. My upbringing, and family are absolutely nothing to do with what I enjoy – just as they are nothing to do with My sexuality, and have had no impact on either.Bqh8v8FCQAAfNLe

I have always had a love for all things kink, even from as far back as My first kiss. It was raw, and he was Dominant. From that first kiss I knew that it was fun to be pinned up against the wall & kissed like he hated Me, but I wanted to be in charge. I wanted others to feel that desperate excitement that I felt that first time. I have always been Dominant, in pretty much every aspect of My life, work, business, friendships & relationship. I have switched every now & then, but I have never found anyone who made Me want to be submissive for them, so I’ve always taken charge & enjoyed it. It doesn’t mean that I couldn’t, or wouldn’t be submissive for someone, it just means that the person who would take charge over Me would have to be pretty damn special – and totally trustworthy. I’m yet to meet anyone like that, who can make Me enjoy being in that position.

Some say “Oh you’ve got no interest in BDSM, you just do it for the money”… Honey, if that were the case & I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t be doing it. I have always been open & honest with My loved ones about being a “sex worker” (because that’s what we are, no matter what way you try & spin it). The money is a good perk, what girl doesn’t enjoy being spoiled? But the addiction, the control, the power is what turns Me on. I love it. It’s in My blood & it’s how I’m wired up.10155859_269973686514655_374237779038051750_n

I enjoy having a weak little submissive at My feet, licking My boots clean, catering to My every whim & doing exactly what I say. I don’t dig power struggles from subs, and anyone who attempts to try & take charge, or manipulate a situation, is often told to foxtrot oscar. It’s really not My bag.

I was actually quite nervous about going back to doing RT sessions – it’s been 3 years and I’m probably a little rusty, not to mention the last session I did resulted in Me being physically assaulted. But being online & shopping for implements & toys, and thinking up scenarios has got Me so excited. I literally cannot wait until I’m back there, with a little bitchboy at My feet begging to be used. THAT is what it’s all about it – not this pathetic online shit, which at times really does My head in. Online sessions I find alot more difficult than RealTime. There’s only so much you can do in cam-to-cam or phone sessions. I prefer the real thing, every damn time.

I guess what I’m saying in this journal post, is that I’m not a Domme because Daddy wasn’t there, I’m a Domme because I love being Me, I love having power, I love the buzz of seeing a grown man whimpering at My feet & hearing the crack of My riding crop on an already red bottom.

BqXv2XjIMAAXAdbFrom now on, after being assaulted during My last proper RT session, to serve Me in a RT capacity, we have to have built up an online rapport, and a certain amount of trust. My safety & wellbeing is always paramount, and if you don’t like that or want to just jump straight into RT sessions without doing the above, then I’m afraid we are not compatible.


Before I dash, I am also going to be ramping up how much I have to do with – we have some exciting new articles coming up over the next month, so keep an eye out!

Enjoy the weekend, faggots.




New Plaything – Sissy Nancy

Ladies & worms, may I introduce to you all, My latest plaything Under Consideration – Sissy Nancy.



Nancy attempted to serve Me before – but as she wasn’t in a good enough financial position, she had to go elsewhere.

Naturally this little panty wearing bitch crawled back to Me on her knees, wallet in mouth & panties on her head, begging to serve Me properly – and as I laid down alot of the foundations before, I was only happy to oblige & of course, finish what I originally started.


Nancy lives in the US and is studying, so W/we will need to work out a timetable where W/we are both around, but I’m looking forward to a bit of long-distance play, with an all-too-willing little sissy bitch like Nancy.

I will be adding Nancy to the “Toys” menu over the next few days, and I’m sure you’ll hear plenty of updates about her over the coming months…

This still leaves at least ONE space for a NEW TOY to apply – so if you think you can fill the position, email Me through the contact page, or tribute Me & W/we’ll talk.

I’m off to think up some utterly humiliating tasks for this little sissy now, just remember – you may THINK that you want to leave, but you’ll soon realise that the grass isn’t always greener & you’ll long to be under My control once again – so don’t fight it, embrace it.

Catch you later!




Male “Dominants” LOL

BUNMi2DIIAAT25WRecently I’ve been approached, and had comments from a fair few alleged “male Dominants” (if they even exist…) trying to insinuate that they can “turn me” into a submissive. How wrong could they be!

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you guys? I don’t believe in switches, and never have. I am Dominant, in every single aspect of My life, and wouldn’t even switch for Mr V whom I love to death.

What is it in your genetic make-up that makes you think that you have the ability to “turn” any Dominant woman into your little bitch?

Maybe it’s your tiny little clitties? Or lack of real life relationships? Or it could even be a complete lack of respect for the other sex? Either way, get real.

It’s even funnier that most of the self-titled ‘Doms’ who have attempted these pathetic power struggles have usually been fat sweaty bastards, who I wouldn’t look twice at. My Man is drop dead gorgeous and I STILL wouldn ‘t be submissive for him. In fact, I have kept him denied now since My 27th Birthday on 14th Sept 2013, and don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.


Take the hint. When I tell you that I find it laughable that you would even suggest “taking Me over your knee”, I mean it. You’re lucky you’re not close enough to be thumped – because you’d deserve that for sure, and you’d get that for free.

If you want to get involved in a pathetic power struggle online, so that you can masturbate while dreaming about being a real Man, you can pay an initial tribute like all the other little bitches.

I am a firm believer & enforcer of Female Supremacy, and have never met a Dominant man, only wannabes.

A Dominant man is as much a myth as Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and God.

Cya when you decide to submit, faggot cocksuckers.



Update: My Birthday & Verification Shiz

Sooo as most of you know, September 14th was My 27th birthday.


I didn’t want to do much as this year doesn’t really feel right celebrating, after losing My Mum in April – especially as her birthday is on 22nd September.

I set up a birthday wishlist anyway, as I knew My boys wanted to be able to purchase Me gifts, and as it happens, the night before My birthday, Mr V and I ended up going to stay in My favourite hotel (it’s where I took him for his birthday two weeks after we first got together), and We went out for dinner.

It was  a brilliant evening – he even ordered room service! But it was amazing just for us to have some privacy and have a change of scenery for the first time since our holiday to Cyprus in July.

The next day, we came home and I found out that he & My brother had bought Me an iPad, and organised a beautiful meal for the evening of My birthday itself. I didn’t ask for alot, as I knew My boys would spoil Me, and I’ve come to realise that family is more important than any gift so just having the day with them was perfect – with family, it’s the thought that counts (however I’m keeping the

Anyway, onto the gifts from My wishlist…

Denied Boy bought Me a bouquet of flowers, some beautiful Marc Jacobs earrings and a tongue bar which I loved – plus financial tribute too.

J bought Me a bottle of Disaronno, the hairdryer I’ve wanted for ages, and a 100ml Bottle of L’Agent perfume by Agent Provocateur!

Romanticloser bought Me THREE purses, one beautiful Lindsay Lohan one (not for the brand – but for the fact it’s a grey leopard print), a purple lipsy purse to match the handbag I had been bought by Subbie Mark, and a leopard print Lipsy purse also.

Subbie Mark purchased the purple Lipsy handbag, a Max Factor Mascara, leopard print iPad mini case, iPad mini stand, screen protectors, L’Oreal clear lip gloss, and a box of Cadburys tasters.

I also received over £400 in Amazon GC’s from these boys and My newest Sissy, Lulu. Plus paypal tributes from a few including Christopher Sissy, who has had to take a step back from the scene due to ‘nilla reasons.

I was spoiled!

The wishlist is still open, should you want to purchase Me a belated birthday gift – the item I most want definitely has to be the GHD hair straighteners – Mine are on their last legs!

So I’d like to say a big well done to those boys & sissies who made My birthday special – especially as I wasn’t really in the mood for it this year – you worked hard & made Me smile on a very difficult day. Good work!



On an entirely, but not completely seperate note, I think some of you may have picked up on a bit of an issue that came about last night.

There is a girl who is a well known fake, who many Dommes have outed for using fake pics, and last night her being fake was made much more public. It erupted into a whole load of drama, and an old face from facebook, who was also publicly outed as a fake by many on there, decided to join in.

There was alot of to-ing and fro-ing, and in the end she decided the easiest way to try and wind Me up was to try and make out I’m fake – lol. C’mon now, if you’re gonna say something, AT LEAST have some shred of evidence to back it up! I’m alot of things, but seeing as I was a RT Domme before I was ever online, it’s pretty hard to try and pin that shit on

If I were fake, My pictures wouldn’t be My first choice to steal – I’d probably take the pictures of a 5ft8 slim supermodel, but whatevs. Anyway, as most people will know there’s been alot of drama surrounding – a site which I waited 5 months to be verified on, only to be “banned” from because I told them that I wasn’t going to bother with them as it was a ridiculously long time to wait for what could potentially be shit. And apparently it is.

It’s allegedly no longer a place for REAL Dommes to go, just a dumping ground for insta-Dommes & cheap paypigs by all accounts… However, this is just what My trusted sources tell Me – I haven’t bothered with that site in over a year, and I wouldn’t even give them the satisfaction of signing up again & giving them My personal details. Totally untrustworthy – especially after the attacks I’ve seen them launch on some of the best Dommes out there, and indeed the one launched on Me last night.

Now this mask-wearing weirdo (with the help & much needed emotional back-up from twitter acct) decided to try and “out Me” as a fake,  and demanded that if I am real, to sign up with and cam verify to prove to the world I’m genuine… ummmmm, why the fuck would I do that when I have My own outlet right here on And not only that, but why would I want to share My personal details with people who obviously have no scruples?

Not only that, but if I was fake, I’m pretty sure I’ve been around long enough that SOMEONE would have picked up on it by now? lol… anyway, I wasn’t going to pay her, or them an ounce of thought today until I started receiving emails & DM’s claiming I am a rip-off merchant, and I’m fake & they’re going to take every opportunity to let everyone know I’m not real. Wow – total deflection technique. What they DON’T realise is that when this girl was being referred to as not being real last year, it wasn’t about the fact she’s not a genuine person, but about the fact that she knows jack shit about BDSM and is indeed a rinser, rather than a Domme. But stupid people don’t seem to get that, which is why she has no clue.

So anyway I can’t be fucked to spend anymore time on her or her masks, I just love proving people wrong, so here’s a verification video for any of you who may be in doubt…


Looks like you’ll have to resort back to playground insults about My weight again then lol.. just remember, people in glass houses really shouldn’t throw stones ;)




Sub of the Week

This is something I have never done on here before… I should punish more than I praise at times, but I feel full of joy having met a wonderful new sub, and wanted to share it with the BDSM World.

You’ll notice a couple of journal entries ago, I posted a story by Jason. Jason is a married man from the US, a closet sissy and is new to Financial Domination. He found me through a google search, which brought him here & then he contacted Me.

From the minute we started speaking, we clicked. This is important to Me, as it doesn’t happen all that often, and rather than being an irritation, he is actually a joy to speak to – I don’t find Myself clock watching, or making excuses to get him to piss off. Eager to try FinDom, he started with a little tribute or two, and then shortly after, we mutually agreed on a “loan” type of contract, of a reasonably average amount, but with an interest rate of 30% which goes up every 4 days, with payment being made every 7 (on a Friday) so that some weeks he has to make quite large tributes to be able to keep up with the increasing rate of interest. This was actually initiated by him, but works WONDERFULLY for Me, as I was suggesting interest, but not at such a high rate… just adds to the enjoyment and entertainment!

However, due to his wife and him being very open about the finances, and her having access to the bank statements etc, it was mutually agreed that he would tell his wife (she already knew about his “weird side” – her words, not mine) but as he was deadly serious about our agreement, he asked if I would please speak to her once he’d told her. And of course I obliged.

Our conversation (Myself and his wife) was strained to say the least. She was understandably angry – and it took a little while to convince her that this was not an affair, we don’t even live in the same country so there would be nothing sexual in it. He just gets a thrill out of being able to tribute a Domme for her time. Which wasn’t a lie – we don’t have any sort of smutty conversations, there is nothing seedy about him as a person (apart from being a closet sissy!!), and we are both benefiting from our contract. Upon closing our conversation, she said that even though it was hard to get her head around, she felt better for having spoken to Me – which pleased Me greatly.

I’m not here to be an enemy – especially of sub’s wives. I’m here because I enjoy BDSM, I enjoy FinDom, and I like to be an integral part of others enjoying it too. Obviously I take great pleasure in naming and shaming arseholes like I have previously on here, but if they’re willing to send their wives details over etc, and then decide to fuck Me or others about, it’s THEM hurting the wives, not Me, so it’s not My problem. It’s just my duty to let them know what pieces of shit they’re married to.

Alot of people who contact Me often say that they wish their wives were more open to BDSM and being Dominant, and if they were, they wouldn’t have to go to Dommes to get what they need to satisfy their kinks. It’s a shame, especially as women were all over “50 Shades of Grey”, and women all of a sudden became so open about their curiosity of all things kink – with some even changing their bedroom habits completely, and never looking back at their ‘nilla lives! Amazing from such a crappy piece of writing!

Anyway, back on track… Unfortunately, she wasn’t as OK with it as we first thought… and its put alot of pressure on their relationship, which is rather sad. I may be a Domme, but I am human after all… and I like to see things from both sides where possible. I’m not sure how things are going to turn out… his loan payment is due tomorrow, and who knows where we’ll be. He is adamant that she married him “warts n all” so she just has to accept it, as he’s been honest about it – which is more than most men are.

I guess the whole point of this post, is that I am not unapproachable. I take time with My subs to make sure that those who are worthy of being where they are, are as happy and as comfortable as possible – and if that means speaking to your wife, so be it. After all, a REAL D/s relationship should bring happiness on both sides, you should be able to trust each other implicitly, be comfortable, and there should always be that initial “click” to make it work properly.

There is alot of joy to be gained from a relationship with someone who you enjoy speaking to…and it’s a rarity these days with all of the fakes, timewasters, liars, gift cancellers, trolls and more… so well done Jason – you are certainly a joy to own.


Assistant Wanted

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about taking on an Assistant, in the form of a slave to work for Me as my right hand “man”, so to speak.


I have a lot of mundane things that I need doing on a regular basis, but no longer have the time, or the patience to deal with.

This role will include the following:
– Basic Administration Duties
– Updating payment calendars/plans
– Record keeping
– Recruiting new pets
– Advertising
– Event Liaison & bookings
– Vetting (to include creating online surveys, questionnaires, contracts etc)
– Social media accounts linked to mine – twitter/facebook/CM/Fetlife etc
And any other tasks that I require.

What I require from my Assistant:
– Reliability
– Honesty
– Loyalty
– Punctuality
– Excellent English / Mathematics skills
– 15-25 Hours a week of availability (days flexible)
– An initial tribute to show genuine interest, but no further payment plan needed (unless mutually agreed)
– Availability for RT/Event Chaperone/Driving work*
*Not essential, but would be great.
– Identification. Unless I already know you, if I am going to be meeting you, I want to know exactly who you are, not just your social media username.

Terms of your contract will be mutually agreed upon post-successful interview at a time that is convenient for both of us (either on Skype or YIM), and then will be swiftly put in place.

I need someone to start pretty much immediately.

Do you think you have what it takes?

If so – apply to with:
– A picture (non-nude)
– Your BDSM Experience/Background
– Age, Location
– Relevant role experience/skills
– A cover letter as to why I should choose you
– Availability to start (including any booked holidays)

I look forward to hearing from you.


Story from Jason, my newest pet.

Jason sat and waited, his palms itching, from the perspiration building there. He had been sat pouring over his finances and making calls all morning. Nervously, he rubbed his palms into his eyes, trying to massage away some of the tension he felt, to no avail.
He had to tell her today, and he could do nothing but pray she was merciful. As he was about to get out of his chair to go and fetch some water to calm his nerves, the ding sounded.
The low dull tone emitted by skype when someone signs in. His eyes drifted to the box at the bottom right of his screen.
“Mistress Elle is now online” – Jason gulped deeply and clicked.

He typed slowly, each keyfall echoing in his head as he typed. “Hello Mistress, I have bad news, I can’t afford this weeks loan payment, after I had to pay the £300 last week”
He froze, the little wiggling pencil began to move, his beautiful Mistress was typing.
He waited with his breath, catching in his throat, his palms twitching, his eyes, fixated on the screen.
“Jason, Jason, Jason. I want you to open that word document of yours and tell me what the tally is, and what it’ll be the next time you have a payment due”

Jason fired up his loan file on his pc and scanned over his calculation he’d done that morning. He swallowed and clicked back onto skype slowly “£2045.50 Mistress Elle”
Jason couldn’t see, but sat behind her computer screen, Elle smiled smugly, she knew there was no way he’d ever be able to repay this loan at the rate it grew.

She had him, hook, line and sinker.

She sat smugly, and let her eyes wash over the number in front of her a couple more times, and giggled ever so slightly as her elegant fingers began to dance over the keys.

“Well Jason, I’ve been waiting long enough and this debt isn’t going anywhere right now but up really is it.” Jason swallowed, he’d had this scenario two months ago when the debt got too high.
“You’ve got till the next time the payment is due, it’s time to go to the bank and grovel for another loan, I want £1500 of the loan paid off, and then we can see where you are with what you owe me”

He knew it had been coming, but it still hit him like a blow. “As for right now, I’m annoyed I’m not getting paid, I’m going out for dinner with Mr V, and I’ll be fucked if I’m paying for it. Work harder Jason, that’s a warning” and with that she was gone.

As she signed off, and stood up to walk away from the computer she smiled, the regular rush she got after laying down the law with a sub she knew would obey, flooded her head, she’d be dining out with mr V on someone else’s dime, of course she would. And she KNEW Jason would have the money, he hadn’t let her down yet.

Jason sat stunned, and re read the sentence over a few times.
As his senses came rushing back to him, he smiled slightly, did he regret his choices leading him here?
Not one bit.