Now you’re here, you need look no further.

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100% REAL BRITISH Financial Dominatrix, Humiliatrix, and Sadist, all rolled into one.


Your Divine Goddess

Seductive and manipulative, I’m devious and powerful – leaving you putty in my hands every single time. I may look innocent on the outside, but inside me lurks a sadist. And this sadist is who’s going to be running through your mind from the minute you wake, until the minute you sleep.

I will give your pathetic little life, sudden meaning.
Teach you, train you, and guide you towards a life of proper servitude.
Bringing you forward from being an insignificant little loser, to being an acceptable, and in some cases, exceptional slave.
You’ll wake up every day craving your lessons and tasks, as I mould you into something more acceptable.

You may as well not have a brain (if you even had one to start with) because I’ll be controlling your every move from this day forward. I’ll do your thinking for you, it’s not safe for someone as sad as yourself to be in control. So hand over the reigns to your Mistress.

My slaves come back again and again because they know where they’re better off. I’m not just their Mistress, I’m their addiction. Their obsession.

And soon I’ll be yours.